Creating Connections Across Generations

Unboxed Digital Storytelling Workshop 2022

Unboxed Flyer with a rainbow exploding out of a box representing the shared stories of LGBTQ individuals

LinkAGES and The Denver Public Library are partnering with StoryCenter to create and facilitate a storytelling program that will connect you with 8-12 (4-6 from each generation) LGBTQ+ elders with LGBTQ+ teens. Through three, full-day facilitated sessions, you will use creative engagement, participatory art-making, and collective editing to discover and shape transformative stories from your lives and share them with your fellow participants. This process will build empathy and connection among the different aged members of the group.

StoryCenter facilitators will guide you through a collaborative creative process using images, music, and voice narration to make your stories into short videos.

Pre-Session (Virtual, on Zoom) – November 12th, 2022, 11am-12pm MST

In-Person Sessions:
Session 1 – Sunday, November 20th 2022, 10am-6pm MST
Session 2 – Monday, November 21st 2022, 10am-6pm MST
Session 3 – Tuesday, November 22nd 2022, 10am-6pm MST

Free and in-person. You must be able to attend all meetings.
You will also receive a stipend of $250 for your participation.

You do not need tech skills or previous arts experience to participate.

Technology: This workshop requires that you bring a laptop.

If you do not have access to certain devices, we may be able to provide this for you!

To get a feel for what Unboxed looks and feels like, check out our article about the Unboxed Pilot Program from 2021.


Your facilitators will be:

Jonny Chang photoJonny Chang: A recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Jonny is a creative writer, performer, budding musical producer, filmmaker, sound designer, artist, and change-maker. He is an advocate for diversity in the arts, and is passionate about ensuring more people of color, people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, women, and other marginalized groups are given platforms for their voices on- and off-screen. He hopes to one day become a full-time artist, while lending his expertise to the next generation. He reps the 510 to the fullest and enjoys watching the sunset. BA, Communication Arts and English Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Holly McClelland photoHolly McClelland: Holly is a graphic designer, filmmaker, editor, and expert rock skipper living in Denver. Since joining StoryCenter as a facilitator in 2012, she survived cancer– all the while keeping her sense of humor. Holly played a big role in a storytelling project with the Positive Women’s Network in Colorado, holding space for women living with HIV. She is passionate about ensuring more people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum are supported with story work and making sure their voices are listened to. She is a Denver native and enjoys spending time in the woods on skis, listening to the sounds of the forest. She has her BFA in Graphic Design and Painting from Colorado State University.

This program is a joint project of the Denver Public Library, StoryCenter, and LinkAGES. It is generously funded by Centura Health and Equity Advancement Fund.

Creative Aging + Well Being Convening

How can art support healthy aging? Join the Denver Art Museum (DAM) and fellow creative aging practitioners who work with older adults, programs, and services to…

  • Learn about creative aging
  • Make connections with colleagues
  • Experience the DAM’s creative aging programs

The Creative Aging + Wellbeing Convening is a day-long event designed for professionals interested in exploring the field of creative aging through hands-on learning and small group discussions. The program includes: 

  • The Future of Creative Aging panel discussion: Keynote panel discussion on creating reciprocal community partnerships, integrating arts into existing services, and building staff capacity. 
  • Program Sampling: Experience firsthand the DAM’s programs and spaces designed for adults 55+.
  • How to Design for Wellbeing workshop: Interactive workshop covering design and evaluation tools using a wellbeing lens.  Participants will receive a printed toolkit that they can use when designing their own programs.

LinkAGES is a proud supporter of this event.

Bob & Tiffany: An intergenerational friendship

Tiffany was on scholarship at the University of Denver, finishing her senior year in her late 30s, when she signed up for a photography class. She had recently begun taking more photos and wanted to sharpen her skills by learning new techniques. When she sat down on her first day of class, she couldn’t remember reading in the course description that she and her college peers would be learning alongside older adults (50-years-old and older). She wondered if this would make the class boring, sitting with not much to say to someone decades older than she.

Bob and Tiffany stand in front of a photo of themselves at the Denver art Museum. They both wear huge smiles.
Tiffany (left) and Bob (right) at the Photography & Memory Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

Bob’s friends convinced him to participate in a photography class. He had recently retired from a storied career that had taken him all over the country. Early on in his military service in St. Louis, he picked up his first camera. He began taking photographs of everyone, which eventually included Popes and presidents. In his 40s, he started going blind– a struggle that changed the trajectory of his life. Thirty years later, with more time on his hands, he was once again pursuing photography. A social person who had always worked in intergenerational settings, he looked forward to engaging with his peers and college students. See Bob’s photography on his website Weinberg Photographics.

Bob and Tiffany formed a fast and lasting friendship. Over more than two years, they have become confidantes– celebrating one another’s joys, navigating a global pandemic, and grieving the loss of loved ones. On the night that their class’s Photography & Memory exhibit went up in the Denver Art Museum, they nearly missed one another. But as Bob was about to get on his bus, Tiffany ran across the street to greet him, having just driven all the way from Tulsa. They re-entered the exhibit together, and their obvious connection and joy at being together inspired us to capture their story. 

LinkAGES story of Bob & Tiffany. You can also view it on our youtube channel.

About Photography & Storytelling

Photography & Storytelling is an intergenerational program that brings older adults (50-years-old and older) and University of Denver seniors together. They learn the art of photography in the context of a specific theme, such as self or memory. It is facilitated in partnership with the University of Denver and Denver Public Library, and funded by LinkAGES Colorado.

Program designed and facilitated by:

  • Roddy MacInnes, Professor, University of Denver
  • Anne Walker, Doctoral Student and Instructor, University of Denver
  • Amy Delpo, Administrator of Older Adult Services, Denver Public Library
Exhibit Host: Denver Art Museum
Video Produced by: Farsighted Creative in collaboration with Aging Dynamics